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Angela Castle - MA, LPCC-S

Angie is founder and co-owner of Renew Counseling and Consultation.   She is passionate about diversity of experiences and has settled for no less in her own professional journey.   Angie is certified in treating Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders from Postpartum Support International.   She believes maternal mental health is the hallmark of healthy families and children.  Angie is also a trained Prepare and Enrich Facilitator which focuses on healthy marriages, both in the face of conflict and as a pre-marital assessment tool.   She is also a certified Dementia Practitioner and understands the need to focus on caregiver wellbeing as we watch our loved ones suffer, sometimes helplessly.  Angie has also worked in treating children with medical trauma and chronic illness at Nationwide Children's Hospital while in graduate school, using coping techniques for distraction and play therapy to improve understanding of disease in children. 

      Angie is also employed full time at Wright State University working on a grant funded project aimed at incorporating universal screening in family medicine practices for drug and alcohol use.   The initiative, SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) has allowed Angie to become a certified SBIRT trainer and expert in integrated health care.  Angie has been essential in the implementation process of the grant and aims to focus much of her Renew work on consultation with local providers as they move towards greater responsibilities in treating mental health disorders in family practice. 

          Angie graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Counselor Education.   She was approved for licensure by the board after graduation in 2008 and has been practicing counseling in a variety of settings for the past 8 years.   Angie specializes in utilizing motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy to address anxiety and depression issues that often come along with everyday life’s challenges.

            Angie plans to keep the Renew blog up to date with articles on transforming healthcare and integrated health care, maternal mental health needs, and daily struggles and tips for wellness.   Outside of Renew, Angie loves to sew and has dabbled in photography.  She loves traveling and going any place with a pool.  Angie is married to her husband Aron, who does all of her woodworking projects for her.   They have one daughter, Wynne, who Angie believes has opened her eyes to a bigger world she never knew as a Mom.   

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